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What is WakaWaka and its business model?

• WakaWaka is the most efficient solar LED lamp on the planet. Based on revolutionary and patented solar technology which ensures that an 8 hour charge in the sun delivers 16 hours of safe, bright reading light.
• Business model – Every lamp sold in ‘the West’ enables an identical solar lamp to be sold at an affordable level to families in developing countries. No hand outs, rather a leveling of the playing field, making safe, bright light affordable for people living at subsistence level. Human beings creating positive, tangible change within the global village.

What is the aim of the WakaWaka business model?

• Delivering safe, cost effective light to the 1.5 billion people in the so-called ‘Base of the Pyramid’ who are not connected to an electricity network and often have to make do with less than $2 a day;
• Meeting the lighting needs of the hundreds of millions of people in the world who are continuously affected by electricity supply interruptions;
• Empowering consumers in the West, to obtain a WakaWaka for disaster prep, bedside reading, camping and as night lights for the children, while immediately helping to bring light to millions.

WakaWaka Impact Map

What does the WakaWaka help prevent?

• When forced to us kerosene for lighting dangers abound (at least 16.000 kerosene fire accidents causing severe burns occur daily around the world);
• Kerosene releases toxic fumes that are inhaled (780 million people worldwide inhale the equivalent of two packets of cigarettes a day as a result of indoor air pollution);
• Kerosene is expensive and prices are still rising (costs: up to 20% of income);
• Using kerosene is detrimental to the environment – kerosene for lighting causes 265 millions of tons of CO2 emissions annually (more than 50% of global emissions for domestic lighting)

What is the mission of WakaWaka Foundation?

The WakaWaka Foundation ensures profits are used to reduce the price of the solar LED lamp and in the near future provide micro-financing for villages and entrepreneurs around the world. Purchases in ‘the West’ produce profits that support the WakaWaka Foundation, which uses this money, among other things, to finance the earlier mentioned educational programme for students aimed at creating ‘Climate Hero’s. This educational programme serves to connect school children from both ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries on a structural basis to grow up together as inhabitants of the same ‘global village.’ This will foster mutual relations and understanding

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